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  • How to upload Dropbox files to Docparser

    Docparser comes with a native Dropbox integration which makes it easy to automatically import documents from Dropbox. To get started, you need to connect your Dropbox account by navigating to the 'Int

  • How to generate invoices in Quick Books

    Detailed accounting is critical to running an efficient business, but that doesn't mean you have to enter every line item yourself. Use this Docparser Zapier integration to automatically create QuickB

  • How to send parsed data to Google Sheets via Zapier

    The faster you can process and record important information, the more time you have for other work. Docparser can save you the trouble of pulling info out of PDF documents yourself. We have a  native

  • How to upload Google Drive files to Docparser

    Docparser comes with a native Google Drive integration which makes importing documents from Google Drive a snap. To get started, simply connect your Google Drive account by navigating to the 'Integrat

  • How to import documents from Zapier?

    This is the sister reference to "Docparser to Zapier" (passing your data from our app to Zapier). In this installment, we will cover sending a PDF from Zapier to Docparser. A list of the current optio

  • How to send parsed data to Zapier?

    Docparser works with Zapier to get parsed PDF data to your favorite app in the blink of an eye. In this article we will show you how to create a new Zapier Zap which can receive your parsed data from

  • How to send table data to Zapier?

    Sending data parsed from PDF documents to Zapier is easy thanks to our Docparser Zapier app. Once Zapier and Docparser are connected, parsed data will automatically be sent to Zapier and can then be

  • How to schedule downloads of your Download Link files to cloud storage solutions

    Docparser does not have a native way to download the parsed data results from a download link to cloud solutions. However using Zapier it can be possible to accomplish this. Below you will find the

  • Can I modify the timezone of a parsed date-field?

    Docparser allows you to easily parse date fields from your Documents. Once isolated, you can refine the date field with our Date Formatting feature.  This means you can rewrite something like "Thursda

  • Automate your workflow with cloud integrations

    Docparser was built for the modern cloud stack and offers a variety of cloud integrations. Connecting Docparser to other cloud applications allows you to automate your entire document parsing

  • What are the options for exporting parsed data?

    Docparser offers not only various options to import documents, but also many different ways to export your parsed data. The following options are supported by Docparser: Download data of a single docu

  • Does Docparser offer an API?

    You bet we do! The Docparser API is at the heart of our product and most of our native integrations (Zapier, Workato, Stamplauy, ...) are actually built on top of it. Our API basically allows you to:

  • What does 'Remote ID' in my data stand for?

    While Docparser can be used by anyone without the need for coding skills, we are also a solution for developers and system integrators. Docparser can be integrated into an existing document storage

  • What Docparser can do for you

    Before we get started, let's talk really quickly about what Docparser can help you with. Docparser is a document processing and workflow automation software. To be more precise, Docparser helps you

  • Can I send parsed data to Salesforce CRM?

    There are various options to integrate Salesforce with Docparser. The most straightforward option is to use our native integration(see below), which makes it easy to send your parsed PDF data to

  • Can I forward the PDF file with my parsed data?

    Docparser does not currently have any options for automatically uploading or saving PDFs that are imported into Docparser. That said, we can provide a link to the files on our servers that will be

  • What is the recommended way of importing / uploading documents to Docparser?

    Docparser offers multiple ways of importing documents and there is actually no preferred way. We implemented different possibilities of importing your documents because we want to make it as easy as

  • What are webhooks and cloud integrations?

    Webhooks and cloud integrations are a powerful way to automatically import documents and send your parsed data to where you need it. For example, you can use webhooks and cloud integrations to