Can I forward the PDF file with my parsed data?

Docparser does not currently have any options for automatically uploading or saving PDFs that are imported into Docparser. That said, we can provide a link to the files on our servers that will be available for the length of your parser's data retention period, which is 30 days by default.

This URL can be seen as the media_link field and this can be sent many ways:

  • An advanced webhook going to your customer endpoint
  • Included in a Zap within Zapier
  • Sent in a Flow within Microsoft Power Automate and sent to a cloud storage option such as DropBox, OneDrive, or Google Drive which can resolve that URL. 
  • An advanced webhook going to your custom endpoint, like a web server or database

Take a look below at the images which show how to locate this field when setting up an advanced webhook or a Zap.

In an advanced webhook:

When setting up a Zap:

Example Case: Forward Original PDFs from Microsoft Power Automate to Dropbox

  1. Create a Microsoft Power Automate account (free currently).
  2. Click Data, then New Connection, and search for Docparser:

  3. Locate your API key by clicking on the My Account  at the top right corner of the page, then click API (if you have an account already, just click here):

  4. Copy and paste this key here on Power Automate:
  5. Create a new flow by selecting My Flows then Automated – from blank:

  6. Give the flow a name, and select Docparser as the trigger, and press create:
  7. Select the required document parser from the dropdown list.
  8. Insert a new step called HTTP, use GET as the method, and select Data Media Link Original as the URL:

  9. Add another step to your cloud storage, like Dropbox's Create file action
  10. Add the file name as required from the parsed data from Docparser. Make sure you have .pdf typed after this. Select Body as the file content from the previous stage.
  11. If you have any questions or run into trouble getting setup please feel free to reach out at :)
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