How to create a Google Spreadsheet Integration

Docparser provides the option to automatically send data to Google Sheets with a simple integration that takes only a few minutes to set up.

Getting Started

Once you have your parsing rules set up, click the Integrations button in your parser (on the left) and scroll down until you find the Microsoft Excel option.

The next step will be to connect your Google account with Docparser. To do this click the first drop-down and select "Add Account". The page will redirect you to connect with Google and authorize the connection.


Now you can select from a Google Sheet or create one using the -Create Spreadsheet- option. If the existing spreadsheet is empty you will be prompted to input column headers and add additional column headers. If no rules are showing up, please re-queue the documents to update. For prefilled spreadsheets, the first column will be read for each field automatically.

All you need to do is match each column to a parsing rule in Docparser, then hit "Save & Test". After a successful test, the system will notify you, and future documents will automatically process and add to your Google Spreadsheet.

Quick Guide

  • Head to the integrations page in your parser and select Google Spreadsheet.
  • Add your account using the first drop-down
  • Match your columns with rules in Docparser
  • Save & Test

We have an accompanying blog post on this topic too: PDF to Google Sheets

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