Why is my Google Sheets integration sending multiple rows?

If you are unexpectedly receiving multiple new rows in your Google Sheet from your integration, it probably means that Docparser is extracting multiple data points or table data for each document. 

This can be caused by the following situations:

  • A parsing rule returns a table with multiple rows
  • A parsing rule is returning two or multiple values instead of just a simple text string
  • You have two or multiple parsing rules with the same name

Each of the situations listed above will create multiple rows in your Google Sheet for each document. To check whether or not you are extracting multiple data points, click on your document and watch out for parsing results in table format or which look like this: 

Here is how you resolve this issue depending on the root cause:

A parsing rule returns multiple values instead of just one

Our app will send a new row for each row of table data returned in your document - you can prevent this by converting parsed table data to text data with the Convert To Running Text filter. Adding this filter will make sure that "simple text" is returned by your parsing rule.

You have two parsing rules with the same name

In your Parsing Rules tab, you will want to look for multiple instances of a Parsing Rule with the same name - this will always send a duplicate row to your sheet. Delete or rename one of the parsing rules and the issue should be solved.

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