How can I parse documents with multiple pages?

Processing documents with multiple pages is easy with Docparser and most of our parsing rule templates are looking at the text of all pages by default. 

However, in case you are selecting a specific area of your document in the first step of the parsing rule creation (e.g. when using the Table Extraction Tool), you have two options:

  • Use the dropdown top right to flip through the pages of your document and create one cropping area for each page
  • Create a cropping area on the first page and activate the checkbox "Apply to following pages" in the bottom of the editor

Both of the those methods will return the text data of multiple pages which can then be further processed in the second step of the parsing rule editor.

In case your documents hold multiple "data records" (e.g. one long document with several invoices, one on each page), please refer to the article about parsing multiple data records linked below.

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