How does the parsing credit system work?

Every Docparser subscription comes with a certain amount of document parsing credits. Each time a document is parsed for the first time, a certain amount of document parsing credits are deducted from your account. At the end of a billing cycle (each month), document parsing credits are reset according to your current subscription.

How many credit points are used per document?

As a general rule, we charge one credit per every 5 pages in a document. Our pricing is primarily based on a "per document" basis. We do however count multiple credit points for documents that exceed a certain number of pages. By default, we count one credit for documents with up to five pages. For documents having more than five pages, more parsing credits will be deducted.

Number of Pages Document Parsing Credits Used
<= 5 1
6 - 10 2
11 - 15 3
16 - 20 4
21 - 25 5
26 - 30
30 - 200 6 - 40, 1 credit for every 5 pages

How many pages can a document have? Please note: Docparser was primarily designed to handle "small" documents (invoices, purchase order, ...) which usually have less than five pages. For the majority of our customers, this means that one document counts for one parsing credit.

By default, documents are limited to 30 pages. This value can be increased on a case-by-case basis depending on your documents and parsing needs.

Does parsing the same document twice count double?

Document credits are only deducted the first time we parse a document. In case you want to tweak your parsing rules and re-process all your documents, no additional credits are used. Keep in mind, however, that uploading the same document again will result will cost parsing credits.

Can unused credits be transferred to the next billing cycle?

It is not possible to transfer unused credits to the next billing cycle. Parsing credits are only valid during one billing cycle and will be voided whenever we refill your account with new credits. If your monthly volume is very irregular, please reach out to us and we'll figure out something that works for you.

What happens if I run out of parsing credits?

When you run out of parsing credits we simply stop the data parsing for your account. Documents can still be imported but they won't be parsed until you upgrade. If you do not want to upgrade to a higher plan, perhaps because your current usage is generally suited to your plan most months, contact our support staff and we will increase the number of credits for the current billing cycle

What if I need more credits in a given month?

We can add additional parsing credits for you if you need to process more documents than usual in a given billing cycle. If you need only a few additional credits, we usually just hand them out for free. Contact our support staff and we will help you out!

I only need Docparser right now, do you support one-time credit purchases?

Docparser was primarily designed for customers who need to process documents on a regular basis. Our pricing is therefore based on a subscription model and document credits are reset monthly. Please don't hesitate to request a quote, if you need to process a bigger batch of documents one single time or expect varying volumes each month.

Are additional credits deducted if I split a document?

Yes, additional parsing credits will be deducted if a document is split into multiple files. This is due to each document being regarded as a separate dataset, any split documents will incur deductions at the standard rate.

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