Are there any limitations in terms of size or page count?

This is a common question from our clients. Our app was primarily designed to handle "small" documents that are uploaded in PDF or image file format. A typical document for Docparser is a 1-10 page long transactional business document, such as an Invoice, a Purchase Order, a Work Order, etc. As a rule of thumb, when your document has more than 30 pages, Docparser might not be a good fit. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support staff if you want to discuss your use-case with us.

What is the largest file size I can upload to Docparser? 

20MB is the default setting for maximum file size. Your local upload speed greatly affects the speed to which our system will receive the file; regardless of that our recommendation for maximum file size is still 8MB as larger documents are likely to fail to import into the app. The maximum file size can be increased for customers on higher subscription plans (Business+, Enterprise). Please contact us to discuss the available options. 

Is there a page limit on documents I can upload to Docparser?

By default, documents are limited to 30 pages. This value can be increased in case you have multiple records merged into one file and want to use our built-in document splitting feature. However, scanned documents that need to go through OCR (Optical character recognition) have a fixed limitation of 30 scanned pages per document. We have an app maximum limit of 200 pages.

If necessary, you can easily split your large documents before import using Adobe's online splitting tool here.

Is there a page limit for table data parsed per document?

There is no hard-limit for tables spanning several pages. Table extraction is however quite heavy in terms of CPU usage and the parsing might time out for larger documents. If you have tables spanning over 30+ pages, Docparser is probably not a good fit for you and you might want to look into solutions entirely focused on table extraction (e.g.,, ...).

If you have any questions or want us to increase the limitations of your account, please feel free to contact our support desk at 

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