Can I import documents through email?

Yes, definitely! Every document parser comes with a secret email address to which you can forward emails. All supported file attachments (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF) sent to this email address will be imported to your documents parser. The maximum size of one email is limited to 10MB.

Importing documents through email is a great method if you are receiving files by email from business partners or colleagues and just want to manually forward them to Docparser. It is also an easy way to fully automate the import documents by using email forwarding filters.

Automatically forward emails to Docparser

Sending files in per email is a great fit if you don't want to log-in to the app each time you have a new file to be parsed. You can either forward an incoming email manually or create a forwarding filter in your email client which will automatically forward the email to us. Having automated forwarding filters in place gives you basically a 100% automated process. In case you are using Gmail, please refer to  this article on how to set up an email forwarding filter.

Only Import Attachments Matching Certain Patterns

Our inbound email function allows you to filter out certain file attachments and only import documents matching specific conditions. You can for example set a filter to match all documents against a filename pattern. By adding filename pattern matching, you make sure that only the right attachments are imported to your parser.

Populate a "Remote ID" with the Sender, Subject or Recipient Header

When importing documents through our API, you can define a  Remote ID to better identify the source document once you obtain your parsed document data. Our inbound email function allows you to do something similar by populating the Remote ID with a specific email header (Sender, Subject, Recipient, Message-ID, ...).

Import documents with a email address

If you want to go one step further, you can create an arbitrary email address under your domain name and set it to forward all incoming emails to your Docparser email address. This method allows you to create for example an email address which you can share with your colleagues.

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