How to automatically forward emails from Gmail?

Every document parser in your account has a unique and secret email address to which you can forward emails with PDF attachments. With Gmail, it is easy to set up a filter which will automatically forward specific emails to your Document Parser - all you need to do is to create a filter in Gmail and define a forwarding address for this filter. As the target, you would then just add the unique and secret email address of your Document parser. You'll find this email address inside the settings of your Document Parser in 'Email Reception'.

You can read about how to set up a filter directly at  Google support website

After creating the forwarding filter in Gmail, a confirmation code needs to be entered. This confirmation code is inside an email which Google sends to your Docparser email address. Docparser is able to identify this kind of email and will automatically send the confirmation back to your Gmail account. Just check your Gmail account one minute after creating the filter and you should see an email from us with the confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code and your Gmail forwarding filter will become active. 

If you aren't able to receive the confirmation code email in your Docparser inbox, the issue may be that your Gmail is set to non-English. Due to a limitation our app requires the Gmail the filter is being set up on to be set on English, so temporarily changing your language in Gmail to English and re-sending the email should resolve the problem.

To recap, here is how to set up a Gmail forwarding filter with Docparser:

  1. Verify that your Gmail account language is English
  2. Create a forwarding filter in your Gmail account
  3. Check your inbox and receive the confirmation code from Gmail (can take up to 3 minutes)
  4. Enter the confirmation code in Gmail forwarding filter settings

Please note that this method will only forward new incoming emails. You can also read our  mass forward old gmail emails blog article on this topic in case you want to dig deeper and transfer old emails to Docparser.

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