How to import documents from Zapier?

This is the sister reference to "Docparser to Zapier" (passing your data from our app to Zapier).

In this installment, we will cover sending a PDF from Zapier to Docparser. A list of the current options are embedded at the bottom of this reference. To get things rolling ensure you have the following:

  • Docparser account
  • Read our getting started article, this will tell you all you need to know about setting up and parsing data
  • Create a Zapier account
  • Have an account with another app you are Zapping pdf's from (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)
  • For this example we will use Google Drive (see below):

  • Select the trigger that you will use to send the PDF to Docparser (I selected "New file in Folder")
  • You will then be asked to select the Google Account, (see below), you want Zapier to access (and allow access)

  • Once this is complete, you can test the connection, you should see the "Success!"

  • Select the folder that you are wanting to extract PDF from on Google Drive (see below), and continue

  • You will see a prompt to ensure that you have a new file in this folder, then "Fetch" the files
  • When you do this properly, you will see a "Success!" message and the option to view the files in the folder (see below)

Congratulations! You have successfully hooked into your Google Drive account and effectively set a trigger for the Zap to the Docparser platform. In a nutshell, what you have just done is assign a folder on your Google Drive account, that will contain PDF's, and when those PDF's are dropped into that folder, that will trigger the "Action", which is to send these PDF's to Docparser for data extraction, as described below.

Defining your "Action"

  • To kick this off, you will select that action of sending the data to Docparser, so simply select Docparser, or type it into the Zapier search on the Action screen
  • Then choose a Docparser "Action" to proceed, we selected Upload Document (see screen below)

  • Just in case you have multiple accounts, you will be asked to select the Docparser/Zapier connection you wish to use
  • It is always a good practice to "Test" this Zap again, and ensure that this is working properly and that you get a "Success!" result
  • You will need to setup your document parser next, if you have not already done this and defined a parser layout, you will need to before you continue, you can do that here
  • Now select the layout parser (from Docparser), and the PDF file (from Google Drive) as seen below, make sure you select "File" from the dropdown, not "Title"

  • When you continue, this will show you the parser, and the file to upload you are parsing, and simply continue and create!
  • You are creating a sample file for parsing, now simple revise if you feel you missed anything, or "Finish" the Zap
  • That's it, you are nearly done, you just need to turn the Zap from Off to "On"
  • You have done it!, time to reward yourself with seamless data extraction, and no manual input

Please note, there will be a delay of a few minutes on Free accounts. The first PDF file you used as a demo file to create the Zap from Google Drive >> Docparser will show up in your Docparser layout, but will not be parsed. Once you dump new files into Google Drive folder, you will be good to go. But, as a best practice, you should check the first few to ensure they are parsing according to plan. Happy Parsing!

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