What Docparser can do for you

Before we get started, let's talk really quickly about what Docparser can help you with. Docparser is a document processing and workflow automation software. To be more precise, Docparser helps you to automatically extract data that is trapped in PDF documents and then copy this data to where it belongs.

Are you getting PDF files on a regular basis and find yourself losing valuable time with manual data entry? Well, stop that! You can use Docparser instead and focus on more important things.

Once your data is parsed by Docparser, you can directly download it in your preferred file format ( Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML). You can also use our integrations to send the extracted data to Google Sheets, or use one of our integration platform partners (Zapier, Workato, Stamplay). Docparser also provides a powerful REST API which allows you to seamlessly integrate document parsing features into your custom applications.

Maybe you prefer seeing Docparser in action? Check out our Introduction Screencast below.

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