How does the "Invoice Totals" preset work?

Our "Invoice Totals" parsing rule preset lets you create a parsing rule capable of detecting and extracting the net, tax, carriage and total amount of an invoice with only two clicks. Under the hood, a combination of pattern and keyword based recognition is used and you should be able to get reliable results without the need of tweaking the parsing rule options.

This intelligent filter does not rely on the position of your data inside the document. This means that the same parsing rule can be used to extract invoice totals from a variety of different invoice layouts. 

How exactly does the parsing work?

Our Invoice Totals extraction filter uses a combination of pattern and keyword based recognition. Basically we first extract anything which looks like an amount and we then look for certain keywords nearby. Docparser comes with a ready-to-use keyword dictionary which aims to cover most invoice layouts out of the box.

What does the 'Confidence' score in the parsing results mean?

Docparser leverages the fact that Net + Tax equals the Total amount of an invoice. Based on this, we can calculate a score which represents how sure we are about the results. If Net + Tax adds up to Total, we return a confidence of 100. If we are not able to extract all parts or the numbers do not match up, the confidence score will be lower.

Do I need to select a specific area of my document to make this work?

The presets for invoice and purchase order parsing (Invoice Totals, Invoice ID, Invoice Date, Purchase Order ID, ...) work best if you don't use the area selection tool at all and work with the entire text of the document instead. The underlying algorithms for those filters are based on keyword dictionaries and will only work if enough text from the document is available. Cropping too much text away from the document will result in lower detection rates. 

What can I do if my Invoice Totals are not recognised?

Most of the time this means that our keyword dictionary is missing a certain keyword used in your invoice template. We can alter our dictionaries easily and will be happy to resolve the problem for you. Please refer to this article on how to  report issues with Invoice, Sales and Purchase Order parsing presets. Alternatively you can also just create a custom parsing rule using our "Text Fixed Position" or "Text Variable Position" presets.

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