Can I control what data is included in an Excel or CSV download link?

When setting up a download link (Excel or CSV) for your parsed data, you can decide which documents and which data fields should be included in your document.

Decide which documents are included in the download

Regarding the documents to be included in a download, the options include

  • Documents imported today, this week, this month
  • Documents imported yesterday, last week, last month
  • Documents imported during last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days
  • Last 100, 1000, 10000 imported documents

We encourage you to download your parsed results on a regular basis and to store it permanently on your local machine or inside another database. Docparser is not meant to be a permanent document storage solution and we delete your data after a certain period of time.

Below is a screenshot of the download interface.

Select data fields to include

Next to defining which documents you want to have included in your file download, you can also chose to only include the data of specific parsing rules. Clicking on "Advanced Options" will reveal the option "Include Fields" which you can set to "Select Fields & Output Format". You can then choose the fields you want to have included in your file download. For downloads in Excel format, you can also choose how the data will be formatted in Excel.

Change the column ordering of your spreadsheet

The data columns in your spreadsheet are arranged based on the ordering of your parsing rules. You can change the order of your parsing rules by dragging & dropping them to their preferred position. Please refer to this article for further details.

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