What is the recommended way of importing / uploading documents to Docparser?

Docparser offers multiple ways of importing documents and there is actually no preferred way. We implemented different possibilities of importing your documents because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your documents parsed.

Manually upload your documents with our app

This method is great if you want to process your files in batches, e.g. at the end of each month. This method will also get you going right away when you are setting up your parsing engine. 

When connected to our app, go to the list of already imported documents in your Document Parser and click on 'Upload Files'. You can then drag & drop or select multiple files at once from your hard drive. Once uploaded, your files are processed immediately.

Send files as an email attachment

This method is great if you are receiving files that you want to have parsed by email. For example purchase orders, reports, leads, etc. You can either forward an incoming email manually or create a forwarding filter in your email client which will automatically forward the email to us. Sending files in per email is also a great fit if you don't want to log in to the app each time you have a new file to be parsed.

In the settings of your Document Parser, you will find a secret email address to which you can send documents to be parsed. You can attach multiple files to each email. The maximum size of one email is however limited to 10MB.

Automatically fetch documents from your cloud storage provider

Automatically importing documents from a specific folder in your cloud storage is easy. Docparser offers native integrations with Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If you are using another cloud storage provider (e.g. OneDrive), chances are high that you can use one of our integration platform partners (see below) to automatically import your documents to Docparser.

Import documents from other applications with integration platforms

Integration platforms are a great way to copy and synchronize data and documents between cloud applications and automating complex workflows. Docparser can be easily connected to the following platforms:

All of the supported platforms can be used to import documents to Docparser, as well as pushing the parsed data to where you need it. If you have an account with one of the supported integration platforms, importing your documents from the cloud can be set up in no time.

Programmatically import documents with our API

Our Docparser API lets you fully automate your document process. The API allows you to import new documents and obtain the parsed data. By using our API, you can seamlessly integrate Docparser into your own software product.

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