What are the options for downloading parsed data?

Docparser offers you two easy ways to download and export your parsed data. 

  1. Download the parsed data of one single document
  2. Download the parsed data of multiple documents

Download parsed data of a single Document

In the list of imported Documents, a link named ' Excel Download' will appear if you hover of a Document. This link will return instantly an Excel file with the parsing results of one Document. By default, the returned file is an MS Excel file containing the parsed data of all parsing rules. If you want to change the default format, check out  this article.

Download parsed data of multiple documents

You can also create download links which return the parsed data of multiple documents. These download links are permanent and can be accessed even when you are not logged in to the app.

You can create a new download link inside your Document Parser under ` Downloads > Create Download Link`. Fine grained options are available. For example, you can define what data you want to download and in which format (Excel, CSV, XML or JSON).

You can name the file you are downloading and define the range of parsed files from the layout parser you want to include (see below), including "Files received since last download". In addition, you can choose which data fields should be included in your downloaded file. For Excel files, you can also choose whether or not fields labels are included and the format of each column.

You can more details about all the download options of Docparser in the following articles:

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