How to change the standard Excel file download in the document list view?

When hovering with your mouse cursor over a document in the document list view, a download button appears. The default format of this download is an MS Excel file which contains the data of all parsing rules for this document. In addition, all columns of the Excel file are formatted as 'Text'. This article describes how you can change the default file format so that it better fits your needs.

Create a 'Download Link'

You first need to create a 'Download Link'. Later, we will use the configuration of this Download Link as the default format for single document files. After clicking on 'Create Download Link', choose 'Excel' as the format of the file. You can also choose CSV, JSON or XML file format if that fits your use-case better.

Configure the File Format

In the top of the form you'll see a field called 'Include File From'. You can safely ignore this field as we are just interested in the configuration of the file format further below.

By default, the data of all parsing rules is included. Furthermore, all data fields are formatted as 'Text'. In order to set a custom format, set 'Include Fields' to 'Select Fields & Output Format' in the section 'Advanced Configuration'. You can then define which fields are included in your Excel file and which format the columns will have.

Set configuration as default for list view

As a final step, you need to tell Docparser that the configuration of your new 'Download Link' should be taken as the default file format in the document list view. You can either do this by checking the checkbox in the bottom of the form or inside your Document Parser settings.

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